Learn how to navigate the Administrator Portal

In the Administrator Portal, category tabs are used for navigationkb_nav_05

On the Distribute Content page, you can distribute content to classes and students and see content informationkb_nav_01

On the Users page, you can create and manage users and classeskb_nav_02

On the Analytics page, you can view data regarding licenses, usage, interactivity, and morekb_nav_03

(District Level Only) On the Schools page, you can view license and distribution information about all schools within the districtkb_nav_04

In the Admin Center, you can create, edit, and view administrator accounts.

Tip: When logged into a School Level account, you can also use the Bulk User Delete tool to delete all students, teachers, users, or classes.


(District Level Only) You can switch school view by clicking the school menu and selecting a schoolkb_district_select_school

In your profile, you can logout, change your password or update your profile photokb_approfile_01

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