Learn how to navigate the Schools tab in the Administrator Portal and view information about licenses and distribution for all schools within the district

Note: The Schools page is only available for District Level accounts.

1. On the Schools page, you can view all schools within the district and information regarding licenses, distribution, and usage for each school

  • Administrator: Name and email for the main administrator for the school account
  • Licenses: # of content licenses available for the school
  • Distributed: # of content licenses that have been distributed to classes or users for the school
  • Unused: # of content licenses available for distribution


2. You can view individual schools by clicking on a school from the list in the left panelkb_s_2

3. Filter schools by Title or Created Date by clicking the filter icon and selecting a filter from the listkb_s_8

4. Search for schools by name or partner reference ID using the search featurekb_s_3

5. Click "Content Report" to download a summary of the school data as a spreadsheetkb_s_4

6. Click the 3 dots on the far right of a school to open a menukb_s_5

7. Click "Info" to view information about the school, such as the User and Partner Reference IDs and the SSO typekb_s_6

8. Click "Delete Bulk Users" to delete users or classes from that school

Guide: Bulk Delete


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