End of Year Process

Learn how to revoke access and delete accounts to close out the school year in the Administrator Portal

Important: If you use Class Codes for GSEonline access, you do not need
to follow the steps below. Follow this guide for preparing for the new school year:
New Year Process: Class Codes

Note: The following steps must be completed in the Administrator Portal

Important: If you are using a District Level account, you must revoke content from and delete classes and users for every school in the district. Learn how to switch to different schools here:

Switching School View

Step 1: Revoking Content from Old Classes & Users

Tip: If content is revoked from a class, it will also be revoked from all users within the class, including teachers. The fastest way to revoke content is with the Bulk Revoke Content tool.

Guides for Revoking Content:

Bulk Revoking Content
Revoking Content from Classes 
➜ Revoking Content from Users

Step 2: Deleting Old Classes & Users

Tip: Deleting a class does not delete the users within the class. The fastest way to delete users and classes is with Bulk Delete.

Important: Deleting a user will also delete their associated data. This action is irreversible.

Guides for Deleting Classes & Users:

Bulk Delete
Deleting Classes
Deleting Users

Step 3: Pause Sync (Automated Rostering Only)

We recommend this step to avoid sending unnecessary data between sessions.


➜ Pause Sync

Preparing for the New Year

Once the end of year steps have been completed, you can begin the new year process using one of the guides below, depending on your rostering method:

Guides for New Year Process:

Automated Rostering
Manual Rostering

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