Creating Multiple Users & Classes (Bulk Upload)

Learn how to create multiple users and classes using Bulk Upload in the Administrator Portal

Tip: You can create multiple classes and add multiple users (teachers and students) at one time by uploading an .xlsx, .xls, or .csv file.

Important: Use these steps when creating new users and classes. Do not use these steps to add additional, new users to an existing class. For the latter, please use the guides below:

Adding Users to Classes
Creating Individual Users
Creating Individual Classes

1. Click "Users" at the top of the pagekb_users

2. (District Accounts Only) Click the School Selection from the top of the page and select which school you would like to manage users and classes forkb_district_select_school

3. In the left panel, toggle between Users and Class to see what is already there


  • If you see your desired class filled with users (teacher(s) and students), this section has already been done by your administrator and you should not continue with these steps or you may duplicate the class, which could cause problems.
  • If you do not see your desired class filled with users, or you would like to set up a new class, please continue with these steps.


4. In the Users or Classes section, click "+ Add Class" or "+ Add User"kb_bu_2

5. Click "Multiple Users"kb_bu_4

6. There are three formats you can use to fill in and upload your data: .XLSX, .XLS, or .CSV

7. Click the "Download" icon next to the format you would like to usekb_bu_5

District Level accounts use the Group_Bulk_User_Creation_Sample template.
School Level accounts use the Bulk_User_Creation_Sample template. 

The images below show the difference between a District Level template and a School Level template.  kb_svdbut_01

8. Open the sample file in Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet program

Note: If necessary, click Enable Editing


9. Click "Instructions" at the bottom left of the screen and review the character limits and instructionskb_bu_9

10. Click "Bulk Upload" at the bottom left of the screen and you can begin inputting user datakb_bu_10

11. Fill in the sample sheet

Tips for Filling in the Bulk Upload Sample Sheet:

  • Important: Do not change column headers or order
  • Only columns with an asterisk are required
  • The Partner Reference ID column is only available in District Level accounts
                Note: This column is not mandatory and is used if a district admin
                would like to assign users to multiple schools within a district.

                ➜ Guide: How to Find Partner Reference IDs
  • In the "Roles" column, teachers and administrators should be listed as "Instructor," and students should be listed as "Learner"
  • Remember to fill in your data on the Bulk Upload tab of this workbook, not the Instructions tab
  • First Name, Last Name, Email, Roles, and Password are mandatory fields
  • Username and Class are non-mandatory fields
               Note: If you do not use the Username column, the system
               will use the provided email addresses as the usernames
  • Use “##” as a separator when the user belongs to multiple classes (ex. Science##Biology)

12. Save and/or download the file in one of the following formats: .XLSX, .XLS, or .CSV

13. In the Administrator Portal, click "Data Validation" and select your filekb_bu_6

14. Click "Download Log File" at the bottom of the page to download the Error Sheetkb_bu_7

15. Open the Error Sheet in Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet program and review errors in the "Validation Errors" columnkb_bu_11

16. If there are any errors, open your original file and make the corrections

17. Repeat Steps 13-15 (Data Validation and corrections) if you have made corrections.

18. In the Administrator Portal, click "Bulk Upload" and select your sheetkb_bu_12

19. To view the report for your upload you can click "Download Log File" at the bottom of the pagekb_bu_7

20. On the Users page, you will now see the users and classes in the left panelkb_bu_13

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