Creating Individual Users

Learn how to create an individual user in the Administrator Portal

1. Click "Users" at the top of the pagekb_users

2. (District Accounts Only) Click the School Selection from the top of the page and select which school you would like to manage users and classes forkb_district_select_school

3. In the "Users" tab, click "+ Add User"kb_cii_02

4. Enter the user's First Name and Last Namekb_cii_03

5. Enter the user's email

Note: This is the email the user will use to login 


6. Click "Set Password"kb_cii_05

7. Follow the guidelines to create a password, then click "Set"

Note: This is the password the user will use to login 


8. Select the user's role (Teacher or Student)kb_cii_07

9. Click "Create"

Note: You can also click Reset or Cancel at any time 


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