Partner Reference IDs

Learn how to find Partner Reference IDs for schools within a district from a District Level account in the Administrator Portal

Tip: A Partner Reference ID is a school's unique identifier. These IDs can be used when creating multiple classes and users using the Bulk Upload feature in order to assign them to different schools within the district.

1. Login to a District account

2. Click "Schools" at the top of the page

Note: If you do not see a Schools option, you may be logged into a School account


3. Locate the school you would like to get the Partner Reference ID for from the list or by using the search featurekb_pri_02

4. Click the More Options icon in the far right of the school's rowkb_pri_03

5. Click "Info"kb_pri_04

6. The Partner Reference ID will be the first item listedkb_pri_05

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