Learn about the ClassLink option for onboarding and completing end of year and new year processes

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➜ Introduction
➜ Account Management
➜ Data Sharing
➜ Creating Users & Classes
➜ Distributing Content
➜ Teacher & Student Access to GSEonline


An integration with ClassLink automates rostering and SSO by using ClassLink to import students, teachers, and classes to the platform from the integrated domain.

Account Management

Accounts are managed by school or district admins. There are two types of Portal accounts: District Level and School Level.

District Level Accounts:
Accounts are managed by district administrators. These admins can manage all schools, classes, and users within the district. 

School Level Accounts:
Accounts are managed by school administrators or teachers. These admins can manage the classes and users within the school. 

Data Sharing

One requirement for a ClassLink integration is that the school/district must enable and share their roster data in the ClassLink Management Roster with our Gibbs Smith Education App.

Once the Gibbs Smith Education App has been added, the account admin must then assign the Gibbs Smith Education 3.0 ClassLink App to all users who need access to GSEonline.

Important: To ensure data privacy, we have entrusted rostering to schools and districts. This allows them to have complete control over their accounts and ensures the security of their data.

Creating Users & Classes

Students, teachers, and classes will be created when data is synced. The Selective Sync tool can be used to select which data is and is not synced to the Portal. Sync status can be checked and syncing can be paused or resumed from a District Level account.


➜ Selective Sync
➜ Checking Sync Status
➜ Pause/Start Sync

Distributing Content

Once users are rostered and assigned to classes, the account admin can assign content to students, teachers, or entire classes.


➜ Distributing Content to Users
➜ Distributing Content to Classes

Teacher & Student Access to GSEonline

Teachers and students log into GSEonline using the Sign in with Classlink button. Students may also login using the ClassLink launchpad URL on


➜ Signing in with ClassLink

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