Signing in to the GSEonline App

Learn how to sign in to the GSEonline app with an email and password

Note: How you sign in depends on how your administrator has set up access.

You may also sign in to the GSEonline app using Google, ClassLink, and SAML using the guides below:

Signing in with Google
Signing in with ClassLink
Signing in with SAML

Important: You must have a registered account to sign in. Go to to register your account.

1. Open the GSEonline appkb_gseonline_app

2. Click "Sign in with Email"kb_si_mob_01

3. Enter your Username (Email)kb_si_mob_02

4. Enter your Passwordkb_si_mob_03

5. (Optional) Tap the checkbox next to Remember me

Follow this step if you would like your Username and Password to auto-populate next time you sign inkb_si_mob_04

6. Tap "Sign In"kb_si_mob_05