Viewing Collections & Books

Learn how to view collections and books, learn more info about books, favorite books, and open books in the Reader

1. In the Bookshelf, click on a collection thumbnail to view all books within the collection


2.To open a book in the Reader, click the thumbnail of the book you would like to open


3. Click the "Favorite" icon at the top right of a book thumbnail to add it to your favorites

Tip: If you click "Favorite" again, it will remove it from your favorites 


4. Click "More Info" to see information about a book


5. In More Info, you can see information such as the book title, ISBN, and description


6. Collection vs Book Thumbnails: This image shows the difference between a collection and a book in the Bookshelf

➜ Collections: If you click on a Collection thumbnail, it will open a menu displaying all books in the collection you have access to

➜ Books: If you click on a Book thumbnail, it will open the book in the reader


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