Teacher Resources

Learn how to find, download, and print teacher resources and materials in the Reader

Tip: Teacher resources can be found in teacher-only digital textbooks, such as Teacher Guides, Teacher Resource Packages, Teacher Tools, and ELL Support Guides.

1. Open a teacher-only book in the Reader

➜ Teacher Guide
➜ Teacher Resource Package
➜ Teacher Tools
➜ ELL Support Guide

2. As you read, you may see Resource buttons

➜ These buttons open PDFs or PPTs which contain additional educational content

3. To easily find these resources within a book, click "Table of Contents"

4. Click "Resources"

5. Click the arrow next to a section to show resources within that section

6. Click a Resource to go to that page

7. Click the Resource button to open or download the resource

8. If the resource is a PDF, it will open automatically in your browser's PDF viewer

9. To download the PDF, click "Download"

10. To print the PDF, click "Print"

11. If the resource is a PPT, it will automatically download in your browser or onto your device

Tip: You can open the PPT file in a slideshow program, such as Microsoft PowerPoint

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