Learn how to view and understand license count, distribution, and usage details in the Administrator Portal

1. Click "Distribute Content" at the top of the pagekb_distribute_content

2. (District Accounts Only) Click the School Selection from the top of the page and select which school you would like to manage users and classes forkb_district_select_school

3. Locate the collection you would like to view license details about from the list or by using the search featurekb_licenses_01

4. For each collection, you can see details regarding license count, distribution, and usage

  • Title: The title of the collection 
  • Total: The total # of licenses for the collection 
  • Remaining: The total # of licenses that can still be distributed 
  • Distributed: The total # of licenses that have already been distributed 
  • Unused: The # of licenses that have not been distributed 
  • Consumed: The # of licenses that have expired


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