Enabling 2-Factor Authentication

Learn how to enable 2-factor authentication for your School Level account in the Administrator Portal

Note: 2-Factor Authentication is only available for School Level accounts.

1. Login to a School Level accountkb_pms_01

2. Click the profile icon at the top right of the pagekb_pms_02

4. To enable 2-Factor Authentication toggle the buttonkb_pms_04

5. Click "Setup Authentication" kb_2fa_01

6. Download the Google Authenticator appkb_2fa_05

7. In the Google Authenticator app, tap on the "+" then click "Scan a QR code"

8. Go back to the Administrator Portal and scan the QR code


9. Once you have scanned the QR code and created an account, enter the verification code from the Google Authenticator app where it says "Verification Code*"


10. Click "Verify and Save"


Having trouble? Try enabling pop-ups and clearing cache and cookies.