Distributing Content to Users

Learn how to distribute content to users in the Administrator Portal

1. Click "Distribute Content" at the top of the pagekb_distribute_content

2. (District Accounts Only) Click the School Selection from the top of the page and select which school you would like to manage users and classes forkb_district_select_school

3. Find the collection you would like to distribute from the list or by using the search featurekb_colleciton_search

4. Under "Distribute", click "Users"kb_dctu_01

5. Click the checkboxes next to the users you would like to distribute content to from the list or by using the search feature

Tip: You can also distribute content to all users by clicking the checkbox next to Select All


6. Select the Order No.kb_dctu_03

7. Click "Distribute"kb_dctu_04

8. A pop-up may appear requesting you input an email in order to distribute content. Any email may be used and an email regarding the distribution will be sent to that email.

Note: Depending on volume of users and classes, the confirmation email may take a while to deliver.  Check "spam" or "other" folder in your email client if you do not receive the email.

9. If the content has been distributed successfully, a message will pop-up at the bottom of the pagekb_dctu_05

10. On the Users page, when you click on the user(s) you should now see the distributed collection under "Collections" in the right panel of the user profilekb_dctu_06

Having trouble? Try enabling pop-ups and clearing cache and cookies.