Downloading Books

Learn how to download a book in the GSEonline app for offline reading

Note: You may download a book on up to 3 different devices. You will need to download the book onto each device separately.

1. Open the GSEonline appkb_gseonline_app

2. Tap a collection thumbnailkb_db_mob_01

3. To download all books in a collection, first tap the menu in the top right of the screenkb_db_mob_02

4. Tap "Download All"kb_db_mob_03

5. To download an individual book, tap the thumbnail of the book you would like to downloadkb_db_mob_04

6. Tap "Download"kb_db_mob_05

7. Tap "OK" to begin downloadingkb_db_mob_06

8. You can see the download progress in the bottom right corner of the book thumbnailkb_db_mob_07

9. Wait for the book to finish loading after downloadingkb_db_mob_08

10. When a book has finished downloading it will appear in the "Downloaded" sectionkb_db_mob_10